Ford YachtTransport GmbH

Ford Yachttransport is a family owned company in Germany. They have a special relationship to the swedish yacht maker Hallberg-Rassy transporting their boats to and from boat-shows.

Ford can transport yachts ranging between 20 and 70 feet in every european country. They also offer services for rigging and transport by sea in addition to the road transport.

If you are interested you can watch pictures of their truck fleet at their picture page.




Phone: +49 (43 81) 12 24

Location: Buurnhusweg 4, 24321 Kühren / Helmstorf

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2 thoughts on “Ford YachtTransport GmbH

  1. Dear Sir,

    We have got a deal in 2000, for carring an HR31 from Denmark to Med, and all have been working.

    Now a friend plan to buy a sailboat also in Denmark, and will need a truck transport to Med (la grande Motte). The boat is a Malô 116 (about 12M long/3.5 large/8 tons) lying
    in Struer.

    Could you give me a cote for this transport ?

    Best regards

    Bruno Verdet

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