Van de Wetering International Transport

Van de Wetering International Transport is a company operating from the Netherlands. They have a large volume of transports per week (120 as of April 2009) and a sizable fleet of trucks.

They can haul your boat in the entire EU. They also transport other goods such as machines. Their expertise in transporting large yachts and continental placement makes them a excellent choice.

Read a PDF about one of their latest truck acqusitions or watch a movie about the company.



Phone: +31 35 582 55 50

Location: Tjalk 2, Postbus 85, 1230 AB Loosdrecht

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One thought on “Van de Wetering International Transport

  1. I am in negotiation regarding a yacht lying at Port Napoleon in South East France. The yacht is a Hans Christian 38 Mark 2. ( Presently is Dutch flagged if that has any bearing ) I need to factor in the re-patriation costs with any offer as I live some considerable distance away in the Isle of Man and do not have the time to sail the yacht home. I am happy to sail it from a convenient place on the South coast of England and note you have an existing relationship with the port of Southampton, so that could be a possibility. If costs vary considerably by avoiding the channel crossing , I can be flexible and would also consider sailing it from a suitable point on the North French coast , bearing in mind I need a swift route around the South of England to take me back to the Isle of Man )

    I would be delighted if you could you make any suggestions about ports you could deliver the boat too, given my intentions. (Could you also please quote for wrapping the boat (+ mast+ bowsprit) in plastic for protection).

    Thanks and Regards

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