Glogau Internationale Yachttransporte GmbH

Glogau Internationale Yachttransporte has two centrals, their headquarters in Neumünster and a regional one in Giebelstadt. The company grew from 1 truck to 25 trucks in as many years and can transport many different types of yachts.

Glogau primarly drives inside of Germany.



Phone: +49 (0) 4321-555 187-0

Location: Haberstraße 44, 24537 Neumünster, Germany (Headquarters)

Yacht Transport Schriever

Schriever is one of the truck companies that can transport yachts as large as 80 feet (and 40 tons weight). They also offer winter storage, mast rigging and can help you with sea transports if that is a better option in your particular case.



Phone: +49-46 24-45 100 or +49-17-40 25 999 (mobile)

Location: Werkstraße 16, 24848 Kropp, Germany


Ford YachtTransport GmbH

Ford Yachttransport is a family owned company in Germany. They have a special relationship to the swedish yacht maker Hallberg-Rassy transporting their boats to and from boat-shows.

Ford can transport yachts ranging between 20 and 70 feet in every european country. They also offer services for rigging and transport by sea in addition to the road transport.

If you are interested you can watch pictures of their truck fleet at their picture page.




Phone: +49 (43 81) 12 24

Location: Buurnhusweg 4, 24321 Kühren / Helmstorf

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Rolf Söderbergs Åkeri

A swedish transport firm (åkare) that resides on

Being a smaller company it seems Rolf Soderberg mainly transports smaller boats in Sweden but according to the webpage they also take transports to and from Europe. The firm is located in the northern parts of Sweden making it a interesting alternative for Swedes but perhaps not very suitable for continental transfers.



Phone: +46-176-23 61 02

Location: Gräfstagård 516, S-761 73 NORRTÄLJE

Sleepy Yachttransporte

Sleepy YachtTransporte has besides a funny name a large fleet of trucks (20). Their name comes from the original mission of the company, putting boats to sleep. It isn’t as bad as it sounds as they started out as a winter storage for boats.

Sleepy has a very informative webpage with videos, pictures, instructions before the transport and forms for requesting quotes.



Phone: +49 (0) 431 – 23 94 60

Location: Wasserwaage 1a, 24226 Heikendorf – Germany


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Van de Wetering International Transport

Van de Wetering International Transport is a company operating from the Netherlands. They have a large volume of transports per week (120 as of April 2009) and a sizable fleet of trucks.

They can haul your boat in the entire EU. They also transport other goods such as machines. Their expertise in transporting large yachts and continental placement makes them a excellent choice.

Read a PDF about one of their latest truck acqusitions or watch a movie about the company.



Phone: +31 35 582 55 50

Location: Tjalk 2, Postbus 85, 1230 AB Loosdrecht

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Hainsworths Boat Transport

Hainsworths transports yachts in entire Europe based from UK. They have a very professional webpage with many practical tips and tricks before your travel.

On their page you can find a FAQ, a Jargon Buster, Preparation guide and many pictures of their trucks.

Have you transported your yacht with Hainsworths? Please leave a comment with your impression!



Phone: +44 1274 565925

Location: Queensbury, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4DR, UK